Saint Thomas More

Saint Thomas More

Feast Day: June 22

He was a lawyer who became Judge of the King’s Bench during the Renaissance. He was a worldly person, interested in all things and held a wide variety of legitimate opinions. Thomas More was a true scholar, a man of integrity and in many ways, it is true he “knew it all.” He was well respected – always able to present the fair position, the thoughts that everyone had but failed to speak for complex reasons. Thomas led his followers and he became head of Parliament. Soon he was settling trade disputes between adversaries with aplomb. He went on to become Speaker of the House of Commons and was trusted by all. But then he disagreed with the leader, King Henry VIII  and this led to his downfall. He resigned from his position of authority rather than become a mindless follower. He lived the end of his life in seclusion. Other “leaders” then condemned Thomas. He faced many adversaries in positions of power. He held true to his convictions. For this, he was beheaded. After his death, the masses led a mission to have Thomas declared a Saint. His writings helped his followers and he was soon beatified. His words lived on and his book, “Utopia” is still known as a classic today. Saint Thomas is well revered, since he was tuly was a man of virtue, diligence and brotherly love, attributes sorely needed today. Pray to Saint Thomas More when others can’t see that you know what you’re talking about. Saint Thomas More may help your critics understand your point of view.  ©1998

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