31st Day of Lent - Saint Rocco 🐕 Patron of Dogs and Dog Lovers - Invoked against Viruses and Plagues

31st Day of Lent - Saint Rocco   🐕   Patron of Dogs and Dog Lovers - Invoked against Viruses and Plagues

Celebrate Saint Rocco
Today, April 6, 2022!

     Today, we celebrate Saint Rocco, the patron saint of dogs and dog lovers, generally, yet also the patron of those who rescue lost and abandoned dogs.  There are thousands of animal rescue organizations throughout the world. Still, there are too few homes for too many dogs in need of a “Forever Home.” One rescue close to our hearts is Take Paws Rescue here in New Orleans who saved over 1500 dogs in 2020 alone!

     Saint Rocco was a member of a noble family though nobility, status, and fancy titles meant nothing to Saint Rocco. He worked hard to comfort the poor and the sick.

     By age 20, Rocco’s parents had died, and he was provided generous inheritance. He took the jewels, other valuables, and money he received and gave it to those less fortunate.  

     Rocco was successful with his care for downtrodden strays in life, the sick, the poor, and the elderly. They were left astray but Saint Rocco reaped benefits to those shunned and marginalized with his kind and selfless ways. He became a missionary of sorts and was happy with his life’s work. 

     While Saint Rocco was administering to the sick and infirm, he encountered the plague and was susceptible to its ravaging ways. Rocco got sick and felt he was ready to die. He went off into the forest to pass away quietly. A dog found him though, and soon the dog was bringing Rocco scraps of food from his master’s table. The food nourished Rocco but he was still emaciated because he had been sick for so long. 

     Eventually, Rocco was captured and brought to prison where he languished for many years. No one knew Rocco was a Frenchman of Noble Ancestry. After his death, however, the markings seen on his chest clearly indicated he was of “pure bred” ilk. That must have been embarrassing for his captors. 

     The letters V S R can be seen on the front of many homes in Europe. It’s an obvious homage to Saint Rocco and a prayer for safety from plagues and viruses.



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