Day 13 - Day 18 of Lent 2023 😇 Angels Helping Us

Day 13 - Day 18 of Lent 2023 😇 Angels Helping Us

The Cherub
 Lent Day 13

A winged attendant of God, and when pluralized as two, often described as Cherubim, Angels who are seated on God’s throne, left and right.

The Guardian Angel
 Lent Day 14

     The Guardian Angel, some say, is the one who is assigned to you and looks after you throughout your life. This angel can be with you day and night, for your whole life, though you’ll need to pay attention and recognize their presence. 

     Some say we can all be Guardian Angels for others. Most of the saints we revere, like Thomas AquinasMother Teresa of Calcutta, and Therese Lisieux, lived noble lives. If we follow their example, it’s possible we are all Guardian Angels from time to time.  

     The bigger issue is the question we can ask ourselves, “How can I be someone’s Guardian Angel today?” We can all use a Divine Protector from time to time. Can we be one ourselves?


Archangel Gabriel
 Lent Day 15

Archangel Gabriel is known as The Messenger. The one whom God enlists to get his information out, as when he had Gabriel inform Jesus about Mary’s Immaculate Conception whilst he was out of town. Gabriel is the purveyor of “Good News.”


Archangel Michael
 Lent Day 16

     Archangel Michael is known as the protector. He battled and defeated the fallen Angel, Lucifer. Michael is the protectorate and looks after those who also protect and serve, our police, firefighters, Emergency physicians and First Responders, alleviating, as best they can, tragedies.


Archangel Raphael
 Lent Day 17

     Archangel Raphael is the generator of Happy Meetings. 

     Raphael is one of the three Archangels, along with Michael and Gabriel. His name means “Remedy of God” and he is known as both healer and fixer. Pray to Saint Raphael; he is a patron of healing and also, happy meetings! He is well-known as the patron of love. Wear Raphael’s medal and you’ll be sure to happily meet a new friend!


Archangel Uriel
 Lent Day 18

     Uriel Number 4 is one of the four Archangels, along with Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. He is often pictured holding a book, a scroll, a flaming sword, or a disc of stars and constellations. Pray to Uriel the Archangel, patron of arts, sciences, and poetry, for divine inspiration and creativity. 

     If you bet on number 4 in roulette, usher in a quick prayer to Uriel and you may see the spinning wheel and wooden ball collide and let the ball land into square # 4. Then it’s time to thank your Guardian Angel for looking after you, Gabriel for sending you the happy message of lucky success and Raphael for allowing the ball and square number 4 to have a happy meeting for you.

                     And then …. It’s a good idea to “Cash Out!”

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