Day 30 of Lent 2023 💖 Sacred Heart of Jesus

Day 30 of Lent 2023 💖 Sacred Heart of Jesus

     The Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of our most popular medal designs. That’s surely because it is a Sacramental that shows reverence to the Holy Father. Another reason it’s popular is because it is one of the most beautiful medals we have. One has a large heart of Jesus and it is surrounded by thorns. Our most recent batch have thorns with some greenery, sort of like ivy.

     Many wear our Sacred Heart of Jesus as fashionary. You’ll see it in many artistic renditions, paintings, ceramics, stones and gems. Is it Sacrilegious to wear the Sacred Heart of Jesus as a “fashion statement?” We make no judgment. Its beauty, religious or otherwise, speaks for itself. There is a story about the medal though…. 

     The story goes that when Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque was nineteen years old, Jesus appeared to her and showed her visions of his Sacred Heart. In these images, Jesus’s heart was surrounded by flames, representing his burning love for all people, and was adorned with a crown of thorns signifying his sacrifice on the cross. Wear the Sacred Heart of Jesus to proudly show your love of Him to all who see you wearing Margaret’s medal. Or wear it and feel fashionable. The beautifully painted medal, painted so painstakingly (those thorns are not easy to paint) is dynamic and profound in any way it is interpreted. Simply wearing it may lead another through the doors of the Church. We’ll talk more about radical inclusion in catholicism in future days. Until then, revere the Sacred Heart, and

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