Day 11 of Lent 2023 🗳️ Vote for Saint Josephine Bakhita

Day 11 of Lent 2023 🗳️ Vote for Saint Josephine Bakhita

     Today, we celebrate, a day late, the 11th day of Lent and Saint Josephine Bakhita, who is, coincidentally, in a Contest Today! She is in the running to be awarded the “Golden Halo” over at www.Lentmadness.Org. Take a look and vote for Saint Josephine Bakhita, one of our very favorite saints.

     Josephine’s birth name is not known. She chose her name when she was an adult. Her early childhood was peaceful and comfortable, until slave traders captured her and she became enslaved. She was bought and sold so many times she forgot her original name. 

     The Vice Counsel of Sudan, Calisto Legani, bought her and gave her away as a gift to some friends who wanted their daughter to have a nanny. She dutifully cared for the young girl. 

     The family took her to Italy, and she was dropped off at a convent with the young girl. The family went on an extended trip and left their daughter (and Josephine) behind.

     Eventually, the family came back to pick up their daughter and Josephine. Yet, Josephine had found peace, solace and contentment with the Sisters at the Convent. So, she declared that was not leaving. 

     Quite a lot of drama ensued but Josephine firmly declared she was not leaving the convent. Finally, her Mother Superior intervened and spoke to the Italian authorities about the situation. She wanted Josephine to make her own choices and have freedom. 

     The Italian government pointed out that slavery had been declared illegal in Sudan and was also illegal in Italy, so the family had no claim of ownership any longer.  Josephine was free. 

     She carried on, helping others, building a repertoire of followers who were attracted to her loving and kind disposition. She lived the latter part of her life in freedom. Ask saint Josephine Bakhita to help people suffering through human trafficking, an insidious form of slavery that still exists today.

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