All Saints Day

All Saints Day

Hello Everyone:

A Note, an Offer and a Reminder! Also, today is the Celebration of the Feast Day of Saint Gerard, Patron Saint of Mothers, Pregnant Women and Safe Childbirth ….

Before we start this newsletter, today is the Feast Day of Saint Gerard Majella, Patron Saint of Mothers, Pregnant Women and Safe Childbirth but also the Patron Saint of Toddlers because toddlers are always running all over the place because they're toddlers and Saint Gerard is the Patron Saint to pray to logically since he was known to be bi-locational, just like toddlers. Every toddler's mom could sure use help from a bi-locational saint.

First, a note. This is the note. Our Saint La Strada idea for All Saints Day has stalled. Please say a prayer or have a chat with Saint Anthony to ask for his help in FINDING a way to pass some hurdles and make Saint La Strada a “Thing.”  ~ All Saints Day, first in New Orleans, and in future years, many other places! Thank you.

Second, this is the offer: As All Saints Day approaches we have an offer or idea or suggestion. One of those things or all of those things. Here’s the offer: From now until November 1st, All Saints Day, if and when you place an order, just leave us a note in the Leave a Note section of the ordering form. Tell us to send you something and tell us what you would like. We will try to accommodate your requests. Unless you want the winning Powerball Numbers. Even Saint Anthony can’t FIND those numbers.

Third, an Echoing Reminder: All Saints Day is coming! Think of a special way to honor your favorite saint or saints on All Saints Day. Spread the word, ya heard? It’s the perfect time to share the stories of the Old Age Saints!

That’s all for now. Next time we will be mentioning All Souls Day, a whole other type of celebration!

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