Who is Saint Josemaria Escriva? ☀️ According to Our Research, Inquiring Minds Often Search

Who is Saint Josemaria Escriva? ☀️ According to Our Research, Inquiring Minds Often Search

Hello Everyone! 

The best made plans often veer.

     I hope everyone had a Happy Father’s Day. My original plan was to send a note yesterday, say “Happy Father’s Day,” and write a short note about my Dad, Heinz Helmutt Clemenz. Yet, once I started writing, I had pages and pages and could not stop. I realized my head was swirling (creative minds are seldom tidy) and simply compiling another chapter for the book I’m writing.  

      My Dad’s story takes so many swerves and curves (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) he may have been the precursor to the roller coaster. I hope I can get that book finished. If it never sold a copy, it would, at the very least, be cathartic. Offer luck and say a prayer for me please. I’m trying.

“Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity”
— T.S. Eliot


     The Shroud of Jesus gift packages will be sent soon, hopefully this week! For those of you who sent in the SASEs, (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes), thank you! I enjoy looking for the items to send, getting your envelopes and notes, and sending the envelopes back to you. It’s not really very expensive, unless you count time, and I don’t, because I’m doing what I love and loving what I do. So, seriously, thank you. I hope you like what we’re sending. On a scale of 1 -10 I’d give this gift a 5…. Better luck next time, I guess.

     And, if you didn’t get around to sending us a SASE, we plan to go back to Rome this summer, so you can send us a SASE during that giveaway offer! Plus, who knows what other pilgrimages we will go to in the interim.

     One of my other favorite things to do while in Europe is to hunt around at flea markets (“brocantes”) for obscure medals, any type of medal, but especially vintage saint medals. They’re all so unique and fun! We’ve added a few of the ones I’ve found to the web site.


    OK, I made that up, but Saint Josemaria Escriva is curiously one of the most popular “search terms” that lead folks to us and his story is great. One day, Saint Josemaria literally saw “footprints in the sand,” and he then decided to pursue a religious vocation. We can all find messages during ordinary circumstances if we take a moment to look and reflect. 

     According to Roman Catholic Church dogma, these saints we sell need 2 “verified” miracles to be canonized. I’m just as Catholic as anyone else, but I do bend the official rules. So. Many. Rules.  You know I have “issues” with Catholicism, but I’m not quitting. It’s harder to help with reform if you throw your hands up and leave. So, SaintsforSinners AKA SaintsforHOPE sells “saint medals” of people who have not been officially canonized as saints.  Is that idolatry? I don’t think so.



     A case in point…. We sell “Saint” Matt Talbot medals as the patron saint of Recovery and 12 Step Programs. We say he’s invoked for help escaping the disease of Alcoholism, which is true, according to me. I’ve worn the Matt Talbot saint medal throughout sobriety. He’s not looking too great anymore because my Matt medal is a few years old. I rarely take him off and touch and hold it a lot. But the Catholic hierarchy is still hunting around for Matt’s 2nd miracle, so he’s technically not a saint. Because, you know, interceding and helping hundreds of thousands recover from the disease of Alcoholism is not “miraculous.” I digress. (End of my typical rant. Thanks for reading my mini “Ted Talk.”)

    Getting back to Saint Jose Marie Escriva, whose Feast Day is next Monday, June 26th, his second miracle was extremely proficient! Saint Jose’s is credited with saving a surgeon’s hands from a career-ending malady and, he is also bolstered by curing a man from diabetes. He is obviously the patron for helping with the disease of diabetes.

    Saint Josemaria Escriva was the founder of Opus Dei, an institution created to foster faith in people through dedication to everyday work and responsibilities. Sounds like he may have borrowed a page from the “Little Flower,” Saint Therese of Lisieux’s playbook. 

One of the greatest attributes in life is to 
 live the little moments and be joyous...
“Happy Saint Josemaria Day,” a week early!

Thanks for reading to the bottom line.


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