Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Patron of Feminists and New Orleans
Feast Day: May 30

Joan’s story took place long ago. She was born during the Hundred Years War, always wanted to be a soldier and wore soldiers’ cloth. Her feminist views were truly visionary but she was rebuked by the male military leaders. Soon Joan was having “visions” and listening to “voices” that spoke to her, among them Saint Michael who told Joan to save France, which she valiantly attempted. Though she initially had little success communicating with the military, this all changed when she began correctly predicting future events. Joan of Arc soon gained well-deserved respect. She led the military and is credited with winning the “Siege of Orleans” for the French during the war. She was wounded in the breast when an arrow pierced her but survived and became more popular with her troops. At the height of her successes she went to battle once more over the City of Paris , but was captured. Joan was imprisoned. King Charles VII did nothing to rescue her. She was accused of being a witch and brought to trial for practicing witchcraft and heresy. Although Joan shrewdly responded to her adversaries and was a formidable opponent, the deck was stacked against her and she was declared a fraud. The Judges said the visions and voices were fiction. Joan was ordered to recant, was court-marshaled from the Army and ordered to dress like a girl. Joan of Arc was declared a lapsed heretic and burnt at the stake on May 30, 1431. Later, her family had her case reopened. Joan was found innocent of all wrongdoing. She became a Saint in 1920 and is admired for her courage and integrity. Joan of Arc endured persecutions and even death with strength and fortitude. She is the City of New Orleans’ most cherished Saint and is universally regarded as the greatest morale booster of all soldiers. Wear SfS Saint Joan of Arc to acknowledge all women are created equal and in many cases, better than, men. Viva la Orleans! © 2001

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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