Saint Andrew the Apostle

Saint Andrew the Apostle

Patron of stroke and medical emergencies
Feast Day: September 8

Saint Andrew The Apostle's story took place long ago. He was the younger brother of the infamous Saint Peter, so his story is seldom told. But Andrew was certainly a “mover and shaker” in his own right ; he is one of the first Apostles listed in The Bible. Exciting things always seemed to be happen when Andrew was around. He was a fisherman by trade and was a main character in one of The Bible’s most spectacular stories about the Feeding of 5,000. Jesus called on Andrew and Peter to relinquish their trade and become “fishers of men”, which they did. This is probably why Andrew is a patron of evangelists. Andrew was one of the earliest philosophers , since he was one of the first people to ask Jesus about the end of time. His devotion to Jesus ultimately led Andrew to be crucified on the X – shaped saltire cross, which is now commonly known as “Saint Andrew’s Cross”. The Scottish have a particular fondness for Saint Andrew. They named a golf course after him and a sketch of the cross he was crucified with is on their national flag. Andrew is best known as one of the chosen preachers of Jesus’ good news in early times. In art, Andrew is usually shown holding the saltire cross he was crucified on, as he is on our SfS medal. Pray to SfS Saint Andrew when you are expecting to give or hoping to receive, good news… or, exciting invitations. © 1998

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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