Saint Francis Xavier

Saint Francis Xavier

Patron of Xavier University in New Orleans, Foreign Missions & Missionaries
Feast Day: October 4th

Francis was born in the early 16th Century. While studying and teaching in France at the University of Paris, he became a follower of Ignatius Loyola and is known as the first Jesuit missionary and one of the 7 original Jesuits. The Papacy directed Francis to travel to the newly discovered East Indies, where he worked for several years, successfully converting the natives of Southern India. He is credited with converting the entire city of Goa, India. He would preach in the street, worked tirelessly for the sick and forgotten, and would wander throughout cities ringing a bell, in an effort to remind children to begin their morning studies. Later, he endured dangerous conditions during his lengthy sea voyages; he sailed to Japan and was the first European to set foot on its islands. He preached to the Japanese and helped create a rich Christian colony there. It is said that he personally baptized over 100,000 people. Francis Xavier travelled thousands of miles as a Missionary. He is credited with being a Miracle Worker, who raised people from the dead, healed the sick and is known as a  Prophet. He died at the age of 46  in China from the ravages of fever.  He was Beatified in 1619, by Pope Paul V and canonized by Pope Gregory XV in 1622. © 2009   

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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