Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert

Patron of Hunters, Jagermeister and the Jagermeister Bottle
Feast Day: November 3

Hubert was a hunter and somewhat dismissive of religion and spirituality. On a “Holy Day of Obligation,” he decided to go hunting instead of going to church. He went to the forest where he saw a stag that had a white crucifix shining in its antlers. Hubert was told to turn to the Lord but he ignored the instruction. Soon after, his wife died in childbirth. Hubert then went to Bishop Lambert and joined the church. Lambert was assassinated and the Pope had a vision from an Angel who recommended Hubert for Bishop. Hubert worked to convert the region, performed miracles and exorcized those demonically possessed. Hubert had a vision where Saint Peter appeared and gave him cloth the Virgin Mary had embroidered in Heaven. When Hubert died, his son succeeded him as Bishop. Rabies victims started coming to Hubert’s tomb for help. Hubert’s son took threads from Mary’s cloak and placed it in incisions of the rabies patient who was forbidden to comb their hair for 40 days and they were all cured! Hubert then became well known as a saintly protector from rabies. The cross and stag Saint Hubert saw in the forest is featured very prominently on Jagermeister bottles! @2005

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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