Saint John the Apostle

Saint John the Apostle

Patron of Friendship & Loyalty
Feast Day: January 20th

Saint John the Apostle is known as one of the “Sons of Thunder” and was the most loyal of all the Apostles. Of the 12 Apostles, John is the only one who continuously stood by Jesus and never once rejected Him. John was a great Evangelist and created a strong chaparral of followers of Jesus. His rigorous pursuits, his relevant preaching with purpose, and his vigorous relationships with all the people he encountered  led Jesus to assign him the most arduous tasks.

John bravely faced great challenges, never once complaining about all the difficulties he faced. John also reaped great rewards, for jobs well done.  John was the Guardian of Our Lady, Mother Mary,  after the Crucifixion. John kept Mary safe from harm during the most difficult time of her life. When Jesus was Resurrected, he appeared to John first and foremost.  

John is known as a patron saint of burn victims and is the only saint recognized by the Papacy as its Patron of Friendship. His symbol is the eagle and most renderings of John include a bald eagle, as does our Saint John the Apostle medallion. Pray to John the Apostle for guidance when faced with extraordinary challenges in life. © 2008 [ For Brittany and Drew ]

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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