Saint Jose Gregorio Hernandez

Saint Jose Gregorio Hernandez

Patron of Caracas, Venezuela, Physicians & Doctors Without Borders
Feast Day: June 29th

Blessed Jose Gregorio Hernandez is not yet a saint but was venerated by Pope John Paull II, now Saint John Paul II, in 1986. Jose was Venezuelan and worked as a physician, often known to treat patients even though they could not afford to pay for his services. He lived in the late 19th Century and was a brilliant medical student. He was selected to travel to France where he expanded on his extensive medical knowledge. He was devoted to teaching, medicine and religious studies. Twice, he sought to enter the Priesthood but his poor health prevented him form being officially ordained. He was a tireless caregiver and  would always go out of his way to help his patients. Sadly, he was hit by a car and died while on his way to deliver medicine to a patient in need. Many have invoked his name in prayer and healing miracles have been attributed to his name. He is well-known and revered throughout Latin America and Spain.  In 2008, a Bolivian Mission was named after him, and the hospital is dedicated to helping Venezuelans with disabilities. © 2019

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