Saint Leonard

Saint Leonard

Patron of Prisoners, the "Lofty Liberator," Invoked for Safety Against Burglary and Robbery
Feast Day: November 6th

Leonard was born in the 6th Century. He lived for a time in Orleans, but is best known as “Saint Leonard of Port Maurice.” In his younger years, he lived a solitary life, much like a hermit, a vegetarian subsisting off the grid, on only fruits and berries. God was the mere witness to his quiet life. Later, he became a Franciscan Friar with a great gift for eloquence. His preaching could not be held at church, because there were too few pews for listeners to gather. So, he resorted to sharing his ideas in the public square where all could hear. He was most inclined to speak to the sinners with a goal of a venue of venture toward the path of conversion. He is known as the patron of prisoners, political or otherwise, and is oft invoked for their liberty from confinement. His message often being that the pious souls could leave because his  Sermon was not meant for them. But this never deterred the people from flocking to hear Leonard! One of his more famous oratories has become known as “The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved.” He would reach out to the prisoners proclaiming that their behavior was most like that of their enemies. When in Rome, note that Saint Leonard of Noblac is the 2nd saint in the 140 Saints of the Colonnade in Saint Peter’s Basilica. Saint Leonard iconography depicts a book on his medal and his statue presents with outstretched hand, perhaps proclaiming “freedom” to those unjustly captive. (For Otto Warmbier) © 2017

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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