Saint Luke

Saint Luke

Patron Saint of Doctors, Artists, and Butchers; 
Invoked against Disloyalty and Poor Planning 
Feast Day: October 18

Luke’s story took place long ago. He was a bachelor and devout disciple of Paul the Apostle. Luke wrote the Book of Acts which provides the most thorough information found in the New Testament. The Gospel of Luke is also well-known for being most inclusive; Luke wrote about downtrodden sinners as well as the poor and infirm, women and lepers. It is through Luke we learn of Jesus’ great love and compassion for others, especially those less fortunate. Luke dutifully recorded Jesus’ pardons of the sinful women, Zacchaeus, the executioners and Dismas, the Good Thief. By witnessing many of Jesus most selfless and loving acts, Luke developed a keen understanding of others. As a doctor, he cared for the rich and poor; old and young and all the rest and thus developed unique insight about people. This becomes obvious when reading his Gospel, which is remarkably sensitive. Luke was a voracious self-starter with many enduring qualities. He was always incredibly focused on the task at hand and this led Luke to develop skills as a writer, doctor and artist. Luke’s philosophy was to be always “following up all things carefully from the very first.” (Luke 1:3) His emblem is the ox (probably the reason why he is the Patron Saint of Butchers!) which is shown on our medal. Pray to Saint Luke when you are facing new beginnings – or meeting new people or confronting new problems or perhaps pondering new ideas; Saint Luke will help you to get off to the very best start possible.

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
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