Saint Martin de Porres

Saint Martin de Porres

Patron of Racial Harmonizers, Invoked against Prejudice
Feast Day: November 3

Martin’s story took place long ago. He was an illegitimate child whose parents were of different races. His complexion favored his dark skinned mother and this led his father to abandon him. Martin became a hairdresser but it was soon discovered he possessed great healing qualities. The rich and poor flocked to him and he was soon established as a Lay Brother in the Dominican Order. He was a universal caregiver, ministering to all people, including African slaves who were brought into his homeland of Peru. Martin’s love was all embracing; he had a great love for animals, even the rats that scurried around his home. Martin lamented that the vermin had too little to eat! Like Saint Francis of Assisi, he seemed to be able to converse with animals and he founded one of the first animal shelters. Martin is also said to have been “bi-coastal,” which meant he could be in two places at one time, quite an extraordinary feat. Equally extraordinary was his reported ability to fly. Martin was well-respected by his peers and followers who affectionately referred to him as “Father of Charity” although Martin humbly referred to himself as “mulatto dog”. He was canonized in 1962 and is revered as a racial harmonizer. Pray to Saint Martin for the elimination of all forms of prejudice. ©  2012

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