Saint Monica

Saint Monica

Patron of Mothers & Troubled Kids
Invoked for Enlightenment and Reconciliation
Feast Day: August 27

Monica’s story took place long ago. Monica had a son named Augustine who, for many years, frustrated his Mom by ignoring his responsibilities and his religion. Since he also had a child out of wedlock and was a wayward traveler, these things probably also upset Monica! Still, Monica never abandoned her son. Though Augustine was a heretic who questioned everything and caused tremendous conflict, Monica was always a loyal mother. She never wavered when her son went astray. Monica followed him to faraway places. She prayed for him to end his struggle with his faithlessness. Augustine finally made his mother proud by getting baptized. Once this occurred, Monica was happy. She felt she had completed her mission in life – her son Augustine is now known as one of the most brilliant philosophers of all time. The loyal devotion of mother Monica should be followed by all of us in similar situations. Her never-ending loyalty to her conflicted yet gifted son was certainly admirable and very saintly indeed. © 2011

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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