Saint Pancrazio

Saint Pancrazio

Protects People from Headaches; Helps with Crams & Headaches, Invoked for Truthfulness
Feast Day: May 2nd

Pancras (known as Pancrazio) was orphaned while very young. He was brought to Rome by his Uncle who later became Saint Dionysius. Pancras was a willing convert to Christianity and vocal in proclaiming his Faith. He was captured and brought to Emperor Diocletian who implored Pancras to perform acts inconsistent with his Faith. Pancras refused and was then beheaded, becoming an early martyr of the 4th Century. His remains were recovered and he was buried in Rome, near the Catacombs. Pancras’ head was placed in a reliquary of a place known now as the Basilica of Saint Pancrazio. When the English began to convert to Christianity, some of Pancras’ relics were transferred to England. Many churches are named after him in the UK. Pancras is invoked against bearing “false witness against thy neighbor.” In other words, Pancras is a patron for protection from liars. He is also known to protect against cramps and headaches. Wear Saint Pancras for help with embellishers. He will keep your cramps and headaches from becoming too severe. © 2015

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Each SfS medal is imported from Italy,
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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson



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