Saint Stanislaus

Saint Stanislaus

Patron of Runaways, Invoked Against Broken Bones & Self-Doubt, Invoked for Peace of Mind
Feast Day: August 15th

Stanislaus Kostka was born in Poland and came from a wealthy family. He knew, from a very early age, that he wanted to join the Society of Jesus and become a Jesuit. His family was completely opposed and this caused him to have severe doubts about his desire to join the Church. His doubt subsided when he was very ill and seemingly on his deathbed. Doctors believed he would die yet his family would not let him receive the Holy Sacrament. This greatly disturbed Stanislaus and he sought the intercession of Saint Barbara. Stanislaus asked Saint Barbara to help him receive Communion. Barbara sent two Angels to Stanislaus and this buttressed his conviction to join the Church. He remained very ill and the Blessed Mother appeared at his bedside with the Christ Child and Stanislaus gave the Baby a hug. Stanislaus recovered and realized that the only way he was going to get into the Church would be by running away. Stanislaus ran away and his older brother Paul quickly set out to make him come home. But Stanislaus disguised himself and eluded his brother. When the clergy met Stanislaus they knew he was worthy of their vocation. He went on a journey to Rome, planning to enter the Jesuit Order there. Stanislaus got sick again and this time the doctors felt he had a mild form of malaria. Again they were wrong. Stanislaus was very sick. It was early August and very hot. The doctors did not think he would live for another day. But Stanislaus lived to take his first vows as a Jesuit. This  brought him such joy his health momentarily returned, enabling Stanislaus to survive until August 15, the date of the Assumption of Mary, the day he went heaven. His prayer had been to celebrate Mary’s Assumption by dying on her Feast Day. Pray to Stanislaus when no one will let you do what you really want to do and he will help you find a way to fulfill your dreams. ©2007

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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