Announcing Our New Format 📖 Updating Our Scheduling and Theme

Announcing Our New Format 📖 Updating Our Scheduling and Theme
" Kindness is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back. "
-Marcel Proust

    Our SaintsforSinners / SaintsforHope Instagram project, “Celebrating the 100 Year Anniversary of Philosopher Marcel Proust’s Life” has been inspiring. Reading responses to the “Proust Questionnaires” completed by others has made us pause and reflect, but most of all, it has helped us learn that listening is art. 

     Whether cute and whimsical, or sincere and introspective, the answers to the questionnaire are enjoyable to read and let us understand the person taking the quiz in a more heartfelt way. 

     So, in celebration of the life of Marcel Proust, we are changing the way we will present our newsletters and we’ll see how it goes. 

     Here is the format we are going to try and incorporate: on Mondays, we will celebrate one of our friends from our vast newsletter clientele. ( 5442 folks, according to Constant Contact, but who's counting ) We will (with the person’s permission, of course) present photographs and a nice story about one of our customers. You will get to know someone a bit better and glean insight.

     On Wednesdays, we will dig a bit deeper, yet again celebrate the life of one of our customers, except this time, we will be writing about people who have died. We’ll only send these messages to the folks in our private newsletter. So, if you do not receive the private newsletter, we mail every now and again, this is your chance to ask us to put you on that list! 

     We do not send out the private newsletters very often. So, we’re going to try and make a change and write more frequently. Maybe we're following Marcel Proust's perspective?

     In the first Newsletter, I’ll present a few pictures from my personal collection and then address some of the things I have been addressing of late. In some ways it will probably wind up being more about my Mom than me, but since I have not written it yet, who knows what will be sent next Wednesday, October 26, 2022. If you would like to know, make sure you are included in the private email roster. 

     And then on Fridays, we will make the newsletter more topical about current events, the lives of the saints, religion in general, philosophy and whatever else is on our mind. We will also offer some kind of sale. Christmas is coming, after all, and our hand-painted saint medal packages have been the “perfect gift” many times, according to the folks' notes on our Testimonials page

     Sharing a hand-painted saint medal and their story on Christmas day is quite a bit more emotionally thoughtful and sentimental than giving a Gift Card from Apple or Starbucks! (DISCLAIMER: we have given and received Gift Cards and they are often terrific gifts, especially for the person who is “hard to buy for.” ) 

     Thanks for joining in with our Marcel Proustian Philosophical Instagram Endeavor. We have been enjoying learning and listening to the thoughts and ideas of others! We'll keep it up on Insta until the 100th Anniversary of his death in mid November. Today our interviewee is Zendaya with the question, " What is the quality you most like in a man? " Her answer took us off guard, but it was perfect!

Thanks for reading to the bottom line.

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