Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show

Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show

Hi Everyone:


       SaintsforHope and SaintsforSinners will be participating in the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show in Chicago next week.

       Come by and meet Emily and my niece Casey, whom you have read about before. She’s the one who has the son, Dean, who looked at me looking at his Mom, Casey, and said, “Look! Uncle Rob loves my Mom!” That was one of those special moments that came from nowhere “out of the blue.”

       Speaking of Casey’s son Dean, he is now famous and viral on TIK TOK. Casey and her family went on a vacation. Dean's Dad, John, was with the boys on a dock in Paul B. Jackson State Park. He was throwing Dean into the Lake Geiger.

       Casey made a TIK TOK video of Dean “Cannon Balling” into the lake. His Dad threw him in, sort of like he was throwing a touchdown pass.

       Now, the video has gone viral! It’s so hilarious. Take a look and pass it around.


       We are having a Christmas in July Special.  Use the code “JULY25” and get 25% off your next order. This offer is good til July 31st, Merry “Christmas in July.”

       We are busy getting ready for the CMN Trade Show. Be sure to visit us there or tell your friends who are going to attend to come see us. When they do, have them say “Divine Mercy” and we will let them (or you) pick out your favorite hand-painted saint medal as our gift!


Thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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