Love is in the Air! & “Kids Say the Darnedest Things!” – Art Linkletter

Love is in the Air! & “Kids Say the Darnedest Things!” – Art Linkletter

Hello Everyone,

       The Episcopalian Group, “Forward Movement,” is moving along in sync with March Madness and the NCAA Basketball Tournament. They’re down to the “Elate Eight” and Albertus Magnus, Saint Albert the Great, is still in the mix. Visit Lent Madness and help give Saint Albert the 2021 Golden Halo. Saint Albert is our patron for Math and Science. The Saint Albert medal is simply terrific. And, as you can see, it even defies gravity!

       A Funny Thing Happened on a Porch Last Night….

       Today is “Make Your Own Holiday” Day. Make this a Day of Love! Read on ….

       So, there I was, yesterday, minding other peoples business probably, and talking to my niece, Casey. Her three boys were playing in an outside Jacuzzi and we were keeping our eyes on them. I was just chatting. It was something about something (I have no idea what) and all of a sudden, her 5 year-old son, Dean, looks at us and yells, “Look, Uncle Rob Loves Mommy!” I was floored and Casey just shrugged, rolled her eyes, and said “The things they say. They say all sorts of things.”

       I’m not with the boys enough to hear all the things they have to say but I will never forget that Dean actually saw, by looking at me, the love I feel for his Mom. Love was in the air! Palpable, visual love. “Who Knew!?”

       We were planning to write about a bunch of things for this newsletter but we’ll save those items for next week. In the New Radicals song, “Someday We’ll Know,” a lyric is the question “Is True Love Just Once in Lifetime?”

       True love is not once in a lifetime. True love is every day. A 5 year-old boy knows this. We can all learn from him. Make love your holiday today!

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