Day 7 of Lent 2023 🧎‍♂️ Saint Peregrine

Day 7 of Lent 2023 🧎‍♂️ Saint Peregrine

     Today we celebrate Saint Peregrine. He initially rejected Catholicism altogether and later had a conversion that drew him to the religion. 

     He had a hot temper.  There was a giant uprising and he wound up punching a Peace Proclaimer, Philip Benezi, in the face. Benezi literally turned the other cheek, prayed for Peregrine and afterward, Peregrine converted to Catholicism.

     Peregrine is known as the patron saint of cancer patients. He was struck with cancer in the leg. His surgery was scheduled for the next day. Peregrine prayed on one knee all night long. On the morning of the surgery Peregrine woke to find his cancer completely healed. 

     Peregrine is usually depicted with his knee emphasized, as he is on the SaintsforSinners hand-painted saint medal

      Ask for Peregrine’s intercession when coping with issues of cancer. Ask him for help finding a cure. Peregrine, along with Saint Agatha and Archangel Raphael, are known for helping with health and healing.

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