Day 8 of Lent 2023 💐 Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego

Day 8 of Lent 2023 💐 Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego

     While reading and learning about Our Lady of Guadalupe, a legendary story will sometimes arise. Many believe that if you look at an image of Our Lady, believe in her just as much as you possibly can and then ask her for some help with particular issues you are facing; she will find a way to provide help, guidance and answers to your questions. 

     When young Juan Diego realized that his Uncle Bernardino seemed to be dying, Juan Diego ran to find a Priest and instead found Our Lady of Guadalupe. He asked her for help. When Our Lady saw Juan Diego, she asked, “What Road is this thou taken, Son?”, and soon after answered his call for help by curing Bernardino.

     When Juan was talking about his visions of Guadalupe, there were plenty of non-believers. Juan’s beliefs never wavered. Juan explained to Our Lady that the bishop and others were doubtful about his claims. Our Lady of Guadalupe instructed Juan Diego to gather rocks and flowers in a satchel, or tilma, and then bring the tilma to the Bishop, which he did. 

     The Bishop opened the tilma and saw the beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe had worn into the burlap of the tilma. The Bishop saw the vision as a message and went forward to have a church built in Our Lady’s honor in Mexico City. Millions have visited to see the tilma and Our Lady helps many renew their Faith in the afterlife, which is so often hard to firmly realize.

     My little story about Our Lady of Guadalupe is not too significant and I’ve already told it before but I’ll offer again, maybe just to help me find stronger faith when I struggle. 

     I went to see the Broadway play “Billy Elliot” in New York City. Beforehand we went to Saint Patrick’s Church. I saw an image of Our Lady and looked at her and believed in her as much as humanly possible. I was trying to speak to her and said I had doubts about this medal painting enterprise I had created. Was I just frolicking around in flights of fancy? Should I go back to practicing law and leave the art to people who were actually artists? I asked Our Lady if she would give me a sign. 

     After we left Saint Patrick’s Church we went straight over to Broadway. The theatre was not open yet so we went to a restaurant nearby and sat down. We were only there for a few moments and my phone started vibrating. I pulled it out of my pocket, there was the sign. Someone had ordered two Our Lady of Guadalupe medals. I took it as a sign that I should continue with both careers for a while.

     And I haven’t looked back all that much. Sometimes, yes, but most of the time, I try and believe in the signs and messages of Our Lady of Guadalupe from her image at Saint Patrick’s Church in New York City in the early 2000’s.

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