Day 32 of Lent 2023 📣 Saint Teresa of Avila

Day 32 of Lent 2023 📣 Saint Teresa of Avila

     Saint Teresa of Avila is famous for several reasons. The best one, in our view, is that she was not afraid to speak her mind and even had the “audacity” to be annoyed with Jesus and “tell him a thing or two.” Teresa is known to have said to Jesus: “If this is way you treat your friends, it’s no wonder you have so few” and “whoever works for you is paid troubles.” The legendary story involves a donkey, a rapid river, mud and a capsized Saint Teresa, who nearly got swept out to sea. She was annoyed, got irritated, spoke her mind and didn’t hold back. It’s OK to speak your mind. You speak and you get to be listened to and heard. 

     We didn’t realize it, but we are following in Saint Teresa’s footsteps, albeit unintentionally. Remember our newer theme, “Listening is Glistening?” The Art of Listening will soon be available for you from SaintsforSinners, (that’s us!) in album/book form, for the bargain basement price of only $34.00. Pre-Order information “Coming Soon” to an inbox near you!

     Saint Teresa’s Basilica in Avila, Italy is near the Basilica of Saint John of Avila, and  both are magnificent destinations to pilgrimage or more simply, visit! 

     A Doctor of the Church, Saint Teresa of Avila is one of only 4 women to be decreed the honor. More concrete evidence of the handicap women have had in the Catholic Church! Fortunately, Pope Francis is also following a forward thinking path about expanding women's roles in the church, listening, and is also, working diligently to “Build a Bigger Tent,” and become radically inclusive, and not exclusive. Get well soon, Pope Francis (he’s in the hospital but expected to fully recover from his ailment).

     It’s also funny that Saint Teresa of Avila is one of the saints invoked against headaches! It sounds like she may have caused one or two, but you know what they say, “Honesty is the Best Policy.”

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