Day 33 & 34 of Lent 2023 🌙 Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini & Saint Francis Xavier

Day 33 & 34 of Lent 2023 🌙 Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini & Saint Francis Xavier

     “Mother Cabrini,” also known as Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini and Saint Francis Xavier are the profiled saints for Days 33 & 34 of our Lenten Series of Saints.

     With Palm Sunday coming tomorrow April 2nd we are closing out our Lenten Series with the celebration of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday!

     “While Supplies Last,” to commemorate the occasion, for the days leading to Easter we will be adding our hand-painted medal of Jesus (“Behold the Man” Ecce Homo) to every order placed, for any saint, that comes in before Easter Sunday. Our gift giving begins today. When our supply of hand-painted “Behold the Man” medals run out, we will add another Jesus medal, maybe “Divino Nino” or “Touchdown Jesus” or one of several other designs on hand.


Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini
"Mother Cabrini"

     Mother Cabrini is the founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart as well as countless schools, hospitals, and orphanages in the United States. She was also the first American citizen to be canonized. She is revered for her ministry to immigrants and refugees to the United States.

     You can find one of Mother Cabrini’s schools in New Orleans on Esplanade Avenue. We paint our Mother Cabrini medals in the school’s signature colors, yellow and green.

Saint Francis Xavier

     A friend of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, Saint Francis Xavier was one of the first Jesuit missionaries. During his travels in Asia, he converted more than 40,000 people. 

     You can find one of Saint Francis Xavier’s Schools, in Old Metairie, in the greater New Orleans area.

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