Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Third Part of the Trinity

The Holy Spirit is the third component of the Trinity, the active part that is in the “now” spiritually. With the Father, and His Son, the Holy Spirit, (or Holy Ghost)  is the embodiment of the Holy Father and Jesus on earth. The notion of the Holy Spirit is very difficult to understand because it does not have a clear story like Jesus and his Holy Father. Some have referred to the Holy Father as the Creator, and to Jesus as His Redeemer on earth, and so, The Holy Spirit is known as the “Helper” of the first two parts of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit helps us sustain our belief in the Trinity, and in the wonderment of Everlasting Life. The Holy Spirit seems to be God and Jesus combined within our own existence. The Holy Spirit is always present. It speaks to us and questions us, and if we  believe in it, The Holy Spirit will guide us throughout all the joys and sorrows of our human life.  If you think you know and completely understand The Holy Spirit, then it is likely you do not know it at all. The Holy Spirit changes continuously and offers guidance, love, comfort, and faith to all who accept it as a form of God and Jesus, omnipotent and in the here and now of our lives. © 2012  

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
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