Saint Hedwig

Saint Hedwig

Patroness of Queens, Invoked to Bring People Together & Successful Reconciliations
Feast Day: February 28th

Hedwig’s story took place long ago. She is also known as Jadwiga of Poland. She officially became Beatified in 1979 and was Canonized by Pope John Paul II on June 8, 1997. Hedwig’s early life was difficult and she married, for political reasons, when she was only 13 years old.  She was able to convert her husband, Jagiello, who later became King Landislaus II of Poland. King Landislaus and Queen Hedwig then worked tirelessly to create a centralized Europe and they successfully unified Kingdoms. These unions lasted hundreds of years.

Hedwig was always charitable to all, especially the poor and infirm. Miracles are said to have occurred at her tomb. She is known as the Patroness of Queens, but has also been suggested as the Patroness of a Unified Europe. Perhaps she was instrumental in the creation and establishment of the Euro Dollar, surely a symbol of a more unified Europe.

Hedwig’s life was eventful and distinguished, but also short. She died in childbirth when was 28 tears old. Invoke Saint Hedwig when embarking on the task of unifying friends and neighbors. Saint Hedwig will guide you as you work to create more perfect unions with friends, family and acquaintances. © 2010

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