Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Invoked for Quick Help & Hurricane Protection

In New Orleans, Louisiana in 1727, French Ursuline Nuns created area schools. In 1763, Louisiana became a Spanish territory and all was well until 1800 when the land reverted back to France. Soon after, in 1803, Mother Andre Madier wrote a family member in France, Mother Michel, and asked for more teachers from France but the Bishop declined the request because he was in the middle of the French Revolution. Mother Michel asked to appeal to the Pope. It seemed her appeal would be denied since the Pope was imprisoned by Napoleon, but Mother asked anyway. She also prayed to the Virgin Mary, promising to honor her as “Our Lady of Prompt Succor” if she would intercede  quickly and get the Pope to grant her request. Amazingly, in little over a month’s time, her request was granted. Mother Michel had a statue erected in 1810 and brought it to New Orleans where it remains today. A fire threatened the Church in 1812 but by praying to Our Lady of Prompt Succor the fire curiously changed its path and the Church and statue were saved. In New Orleans, it is still customary to pray to Our Lady of Prompt Succor for “quick help”  and for aid before, during, and after hurricanes. © 2005 

5866 General Diaz Street
New Orleans, LA 70124
504.482.2467 & 504.239.3143
Wear this medal and then
share it with someone you love
Each SfS medal is imported from Italy,
painted by hand in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is
one of a kind original
“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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