Our Lady of the Highway

Our Lady of the Highway

Patroness of Travelers, Drivers and Highway Workers
Feast Day: July 20th

“Our Lady of the Highway” is one of hundreds of names used to describe the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary is also known as “The Unplowed Field of Heaven’s Bread” and the “Refuge for Sinners,” to name just a few. In Indian River, Michigan, a statue was erected to celebrate Our Lady of the Highway at The National Shrine of the Cross in the Woods. Many visit her Shrine and pray for Her intercession there. The statue is made of carrora marble and was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kuhlman who lived in Kentucky and had a special reverence to Our Lady of the Highway.

There are many versions of a Prayer to Our Lady and one of the most common goes like this: “ O Lady of the Highway, be with us on our journey. For all your ways are beautiful and all your paths are peace. O God who with providence does rule and govern the world, grant unto us, through the intercessions of our watchful Mother, to be protected from all danger and brought safely to the end of our journey. Amen.” Our Lady has surely brought comfort to many of roadway and interstate travelers. © 2012 

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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