Saint Andrew Avellino

Saint Andrew Avellino

Invoked to help people with high blood pressure and recovery from strokes and epilepsy
Feast Day: January 6th

Andrew Avellino was quite a character! He was reportedly a very handsome guy who became a lawyer in the 16th Century. Once he began practicing law he realized he could always win his cases by lying! Fortunately, he felt guilty about cheating in order to win so he retired and was assigned the duty of invigorating a convent that had gone astray. His attempts at reforming the province did not go well and he was severely beaten by those who did not want him to succeed. This led Andrew to be reassigned because he needed time to recover from his wounds.

He joined the Order of Theatines and became friends with Charles Boromeo, the saint invoked against stomach ailments. He visited Rome, studied, and settled in Naples where he instructed newcomers in the Order. Saint (to be) Charles Borromeo relied on Andrew, who had become a brilliant writer.

He is known as the patron of Sicily and over the years has also been acknowledged as a saint invoked to help people with high blood pressure and recovery from strokes and epilepsy. He died in the early 17th Century and like Saint Joseph, is also said to be invoked against sudden death. Pray for Andrew’s intercession during times of grave emergency. He will surely provide needed hope and comfort. © 2018

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