Saint Bernadino of Siena

Saint Bernadino of Siena

Patron of Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing & Communications
Feast Day: May 20th

Bernadino lived in Siena and worked as a friar, a Priest, a writer, and a preacher. He preached to the folks throughout Italy and went to every single city in the country to present his Ministry. His  speaking skills were so profound many would flock to listen to his prose. After hearing him, many were persuaded to convert to Christianity.

Bernardino was also known to be excellent with crisis management and damage control; he was a true diplomat. He often brought warring adversaries together and he helped them understand and respect each other, even if they had wildly opposing views. When folks were hopelessly divided, and in the throes of disappointment and despair, Bernadino often arranged for opponents to meet, talk, and simply, listen to each other. When the adversaries left their meetings they often shared the bacio di pace, or “kiss of peace.”

Bernardino may also be the originator of the first “cue card.” When he was giving his sermons he would hold or display a giant card with the letters “IHS” on it. The poster on display was meant to revere and pay homage to Jesus Christ. The symbol became very popular and is still used today.

Bernardino was also a miracle worker. He brought a man back to life after he had been mauled and killed in a bullfight.  Pray to, or wear Saint Bernardino when faced with malicious propaganda.  Bernardino will help bring the truth to light. © 2.11.08 [ For “JFTB” ]

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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