Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict

Patron of recluses and schoolchildren
Invoked against poison and witchcraft
Feast Day: July 11 

Benedict’s story took place long ago. He had a twin sister named Scholastica and he was a very good student. Benedict performed a miracle at a very young age. Someone broke a plate and he repaired it by praying. For a long time he lived as a hermit in a cave and dressed himself in animal skins. It is said he was fed by a magic raven. After he came out of the cave he joined with others and his Rules for Life became a religious order known as the Monasticism of the Benedictine Monks. A man named Florentius once tried to poison Benedict but did not succeed. Benedict was able to shatter the cup of poison. He could also predict the future and the friendly raven is said to have helped save him from the poisoning. Pray to Saint Benedict when something gets broken by accident and he will do his best to try and help you get everything fixed up quickly before you get in too much trouble. © 2001

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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