Saint Barnabas the Apostle

Saint Barnabas the Apostle

The "Peacemaker"
Patron of consolation, encouragement, neurological and nerve diseases, and Parkinson's disease
Feast Day: June 11

He was born “Joseph” but changed his name to Barnabas when he converted to Christianity and though he was not one of the 12 Apostles, he is still frequently regarded as one. He was originally from Cyprus and he studied with Paul the Apostle and they converted many to Christianity together during their numerous journeys.  His Feast Day is June 11th, which was believed to be the longest day of the year. Perhaps because Barnabas was known and a reconciler and a “Peacemaker” who was quick to offer encouragement and consolation, June 11 is also often referred to as “Barnaby Bright.” Most of Barnabas’ story is told in the Book of Acts. Many regarded him as a Prophet. His success with helping many to convert to Christianity left him vulnerable to those opposed to his noble views. Eventually he was captured and put to death by stoning. After he died it was discovered that he had a hand-written copy (that he wrote himself)   of The Gospel of Matthew in his possession and clutched to his chest  at time of death. Barnabas is also “hailed” as patron saint to invoked against hail storms. @2006

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