Saint Blaise

Saint Blaise

Patron of voice, throat, and breathing problems
Feast Day: February 3

Blaise’s story took place long ago. He was the Bishop of Sebastea in Armenia and was well known for possessing healing qualities, especially for people with throat problems. A legend states that a young boy was near death and brought to Blaise with a bone stuck in his throat. Blaise was able to dislodge the throaty obstruction and the boy survived. Later, as many Christians were being persecuted, Blaise was instructed by God to go into the hills to safe himself and others. He went near a cave surrounded by wild animals that carried diseases and other dangerous ailments. But Blaise approached the animals unafraid and cured them all of their illnesses. Blaise’s persecutors later found him in the wilderness, captured him and sent him to jail. Blaise secretly talked a wolf into helping a pig get back to its rightful owner, a poor woman. Afterward, the grateful woman snuck food and candles into the prison. Blaise was comforted in the days before his death by using the candles to see and the food to prevent himself from starving. Wear Saint Blaise to acknowledge that even the wildest among us can be tamed and deserve respect and comfort. Ask Blaise to help you or others when voice, throat and breathing problems are obstructing otherwise comfortable lives. © 2006

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
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