Saint Bridget of Ireland

Saint Bridget of Ireland

Patron of Ireland, mariners, travelers, and sailors
Feast Day: February 1

Bridget’s story took place long ago. Bridget lived with her mother until she reached an age where she could serve her father, Dubtach, as a virtual slave. However, Bridget’s high spirits and tender heart managed to help her persevere his cruel ways. She could not bear to see anyone hungry or cold and she would often give away food and supplies that belonged to her father. When he discovered her generous ways he went to punish her and she replied that “Christ dwelt in every creature.” A short time after, Dubtach decided to give Bridget her freedom. She spent her life serving the poor and infirm and was devoted to the concept of charity. She lived a long life and when she died she was buried in Downpatrick, Ireland, along with Saint Patrick. Later, her head was removed and brought to a church in Lisbon, Portugal where it remains today. Bridget was known as an adept traveler and this is why she is known as the patroness of boatmen, travelers, mariners and sailors. Most of the traveling she did was by the sea. Saint Bridget of Ireland’s medal almost always features saint Patrick on its other side. They are both known as promoters of the “Great Republic of Ireland.” © 2006

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