Saint Catherine of Bologna

Saint Catherine of Bologna

Patron of artists and illustrators
Invoked against doubt
Invoked for hope
Feast Day: March 9

Catherine’s story took place long ago, she was born in the 15th Century and named Catherine de’ Vigri. Catherine created a Convent in Bologna, Italy, and became part of the “Poor Clares.”  Clare is known as a patron of artists, probably because she worked as a manuscript illustrator. Catherine became known as a miracle worker after her death in 1463.  She was buried in Bologna but soon after her burial, miracles began happening near her gravesite. So, it was decided that she should be exhumed. Her body was found to be incorrupt, even though she had been buried for over two weeks! Catherine is also known as a mystic, which means she reached perfection during her lifetime. She is a member of the contemplatives and was a visionary. Jesus and Mary came to visit her on Christmas Day. Mary was cradling a young baby Jesus in her arms and Catherine received the ecstasy of celebrating his birth with Mary firsthand. Catherine wrote an essay called “On the Seven Spiritual Weapons” where she describes what is needed to help carry the Cross of the Lord. First, adherence to God, Second,  a distrust of worldly things, Third,  Belief, Fourth, recollection of the Passion of Jesus Christ,  Fifth, understanding of mortality, Sixth, joy in the Glory of God, and Seventh,  following the example of  Jesus and his teaching while on earth.  Due to her fine work as an illustrator and painter, Catherine has been named the Patroness of the Bologna Academy of Art. Curators from around the world revere her fine example of Faith in God and the beauty of art.  © 2010

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
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