Saint Genesius

Saint Genesius

Patron of actors, lawyers, and comedians
Invoked against freezing on or behind stage
Feast Day: August 25

Genesius’ story took place long ago. He was a notary for Emperor Diocletian who assigned Genesius the task of reading edicts to the people. One day, while reciting the Edict of the Day, Genesius became disgusted at its content, threw the document in the sewer and quit his job. For this, he was beheaded. As time passed, so did the story about Genesius. The spin doctors made up stories about Genesius as an actor in a play, a satire about Christianity. The “tour-de-force” was a parody that the Emperor enjoyed because it portrayed Christians in an evil way. During a methodical performance, Genesius claimed to be truly converted to the religion of the Christian he was portraying. He stepped out of character and proclaimed: “Jesus Christ is the true Lord.” He was then pulled off the stage, burned at the stake and beheaded. The grossly exaggerated story is certainly more colorful than the true facts, which also seems to be the motto of The National Enquirer. Pray to Saint Genesius when life becomes a play. @2001

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