Saint Gertrude of Neville

Saint Gertrude of Neville

Patron of cat lovers
Invoked against mice, rats, and vermin
Feast Day: March 17

Gertrude was a native of Belgium, who lived in the 7th Century.  She is known as the patron of cat lovers, since she was so adept at getting rid of the mice that were destroying the grains the townspeople harvested. Gertrude prayed for the mice to go away and they did. This led folks to consider She is the Patroness of cat lovers, After Gertrude’s Dad, Pepin, died, she convinced her Mom, Itta, to join her and they both entered a convent. When Itta died, Gertrude became the Mother Superior. She was well known for her selfless, caring, generous ways.  Those who had the privilege of spending time with her felt they had been blessed to enjoy her company.  Gertrude spent much, if not all, of her life in Belgium and she is revered there even now, 17 centuries after her death. Known for her hospitable ways, the people of Belgium fondly refer to a drink “to go” as “Saint Gertrude’s cup.”  She lived a short life and died at age 33. An Irish Priest told her Saint Patrick would meet her in Heaven and then Gertrude died, on Saint Paddy’s Day. © 2008

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