Saint John Neumann

Saint John Neumann

Patron of the Redemptorists
Invoked for help with vigorous challenges
Feast Day: January 5 

John’s story took place long ago… He was named after Saint John Nepomucene and was educated in Bedweis, east of Austria. He was an excellent student and learned how to speak several languages which helped him communicate with people very well. He wanted to be a priest and sought ordination in Bohemia but the Bishop was ill and there were too many priests and too few parishioners. John then left his home and country to come to America. He walked to France to take the trip. Once he arrived in New York he was quickly ordained since priests were in short supply. He also became a naturalized American citizen. Saint John eventually chose a very difficult challenge. He went to the undeveloped northern areas of New York and established ministries to help the people living in the rural areas. It was laborious work and he was often ill from helping the needy and the weak, the afflicted and the abandoned. John became part  of the Redemptorists, a part of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, founded by saint Alphonsus in Italy in the early 18th Century. John Neumann was known to keep a watchful eye on his people, whom he is said to have affectionately referred to as his “flock,” saying,  “I know my sheep, each and every one of you.” He was a very prolific writer and has the distinction of being the first American man to be canonized as a saint.  Pray to Saint John Neumann when facing vigorous challenges; he will help you with his careful, watchful, and guiding spirit. ©2006

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