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bosco, don, john -

Patron Saint of Editors, schoolchildren, & wayward youth
Invoked for refuge against exploitation
Feast Day: January 31

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john, La Salle -

Patron of Teachers & Education
Founder of the First Catholic Schools
Feast Day: April 7

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John, Neumann -

Patron of the Redemptorists
Invoked for help with vigorous challenges
Feast Day: January 5 

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God, John -

Patron Saint of Hospitals and Booksellers
Invoked against heart disease
Feast Day: March 8

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john, paul, pope -

The Miracle Worker
Invoked against Seizures & Parkinson's Disease
Feast Day: June 3

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baptist, john -

Patron of Midsummer
Invoked for Clarity and Direction
Feast Day: June 24

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