Saint Matthew

Saint Matthew

Patron of Bankers, Financial Planners, and Stockbrokers
Feast Day: September 21

Mathew’s story took place long ago. He was a tax collector and not very well liked by the Jews nor Gentiles alike; they were all upset he was taking their money. But Jesus of Nazareth supported Matthew, asked him to follow and Matthew did join Jesus in his travels, enabling Matthew to write his Gospel. Jesus preached to his disciples and others at a large gathering and his words were recounted by Matthew in what is famously known as The Sermon on the Mount. In his Sermon, Jesus reminded that the meek will inherit the earth, only the merciful will find true mercy, the pure of heart will see the Lord and the world’s peacemakers shall be known as the Children of God. After Jesus was crucified Matthew continued to preach the Gospel and he was often vilified. He spent time in prison and later in life it is written he was, like many of our old age martyred saints, about to be devoured by a dragon. But Matthew thwarted the plan by fervently praying and making the sign of the cross and the dragon fell asleep at this feet. Read the Gospel of Matthew when trying to pure your thoughts. Matthew will help you to find compassion and help you to “turn the other cheek,” as Jesus did throughout his life. © 2011

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
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