Saint Peter

Saint Peter

The “Rock”
Patron of Gatekeepers and Leaders
Invoked against Grudges
Feast Day: June 29

Peter’s story took place long ago. Peter is always listed as the First Apostle and is credited with performing the first miracle of healing a man, lame from birth. Peter traveled frequently with Paul and their friendship lasted a lifetime, though there were times of strife. But Peter and Paul always managed to reconcile their differences appropriately. By most accounts, Peter was an opinionated and outspoken person. He was quick-witted and decisive, but sometimes made mistakes like when he thrice betrayed Jesus. But the true beauty of Peter was that he never derailed himself by wallowing in despair; Peter always kept on keeping on, living and learning every day. He always returned to Jesus who ultimately told Peter he would be the Gatekeeper to Heaven. It is Peter who will be scrolling down the screens of our Lives upon our ascension to the Pearly Gates. Peter has the gift of seeing all the good in everyone and Peter is the rock-hard foundation that will bring us all together for Eternity. Peter is almost always shown with a big key in his hand, as he is in the SfS medal. Ask Peter to unlock the door of love in your heart and then leave that door ajar! Peter’s scrolling on Judgment Day will leave you blessed if you start creating your good history today and also during all your tomorrows. @2011

5866 General Diaz Street
New Orleans, LA 70124
504.482.2467 & 504.239.3143
Wear this medal and then
share it with someone you love
Each SfS medal is imported from Italy,
painted by hand in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is
one of a kind original
“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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