Saint Philomena

Saint Philomena

Patroness of Expectant Mothers, Newborns, and Infants
Invoked for Special Favors, Graces, and Miracles
Feast Day: August 11

Philomena’s story took place long ago, in the early 19th century. It is believed she was only 12 or 13 years old when she was killed. In 1802, her body was discovered near Saint Priscilla on the Via Salaria. It had been buried and covered with stones, a signal typically used to indicate a persons’ martyrdom. Her bones were uncovered, exhumed and cataloged. After that, not much happened. Until 1805, when a leader of the church, Francis de Lucia of Mugnano was reviewing the reliquary and upon encountering Philomena’s relics, experienced deep and profound spiritual joy. He attributed this to the aura of Philomena and asked to create a shrine for her. Many others found themselves becoming spiritually and emotionally drawn to Philomena. Popes and Saints were particularly devoted. Saint John Vianney (“Cure D’ars”) had an almost childlike idolization to Philomena. She was known as the “new light of the church” and her name is said to mean “Powerful with God.” Numerous joyous miracles and great healings have been attributed to her. She is known as the Patroness of the newly born, which is not surprising since expectant mothers and families often experience great spiritual and emotional exhilaration upon bringing new life into the world! @2009

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