Saint Therese of Lisieux

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Feast Day: October 1

Therese was a frail girl whose ill health left her deprived from doing much of the Charity work she wanted to do, like being a Missionary and tending to the poor. Instead, Therese had to fight for her own health and well being. Her healthy days were always very appreciated, as she spent more days sick than well. Therese’s message seems to be to “stop and smell the flowers!” It is when we take things for granted that we tend to forget about the beauty in our everyday lives. Therese relished waking up each day, visiting with her family, and spending her time in prayer with her friends, and other Carmelite Nuns. It seems that Therese was probably the type who could have a joyous moment washing and drying the dishes with a friend after having a meal. She would likely enjoy simple conversation and just spending time listening and sharing moments! Therese noticed and loved the spectacular moment one has with a friend when no words are spoken but the air is filled with love and caring.   A friend’s mere presence was a present to Therese. Therese enjoyed the ordinary occurrences and she teaches us to enjoy them too.  There were no mundane tasks for Therese of Lisieux; she found comfort and joy in everything. Her simple faith and acceptance of all that life offered her, including the tuberculosis that cut her life short at age 24, led her to build a legion of followers. As she lay bedridden and dying, she completed writing a book, “The Story for a Soul” and it has been translated into many languages with millions of copies sold. In the book, Therese says she will shower the world with roses and their beauty and wonderful fragrance will be enhanced by Saint Therese. In 1999,  Therese of Lisieux’s relics came to our hometown in New Orleans, Louisiana; thousands of believers endured long lines throughout the night to share a simple yet defining moment with the “Little Flower,” Saint Therese of Lisieux. © 1999

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“The Saints are the Sinners who keep on trying”
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