Bonaventure, Buenaventura, Hand-Painted Saint Medal, Stomach & Intestinal Ailments

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    Bonaventure was a poor Franciscan Friar. As he got older, he became a friend of Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Louis,  King of France, and Thomas Aquinas! It was Saint Francis who curiously gave Bonaventure his name. After healing the boy from a nasty stomach ailment, young Francis proclaimed “O Bona Ventura!” Loosely translated, it meant “good luck” or “good things happen” in Latin. Francis was very happy to heal Bonaventure. He was a fantastic student, became a Doctor of the Church, and was known as the Seraphic Doctor. With Saint Thomas Aquinas, he was given the Cardinal’s Cap, and he is holding it on his medal, even though he resisted ascending to positions of power. His writings are profound and timely; he denounced pride, saying “the less the pride, the more the love.” Bonaventure believed that pride might cause people to despise what is most precious: Grace, Glory, and Humility. He thought pride could cause one to yearn vainly,  craving success and followers. Bonaventure was an eloquent speaker and writer; intense love and care oozed through all his words and kindly deeds. © 2019

    Your order includes  our vibrant one-of-a-kind hand-painted saint medal, a silver necklace, keychain clasp, or Sterling Silver chain (your choice!), the story of Saint Bridget in greeting card format, a felt pouch for safekeeping, unique prayer cards from Rome, Italy, an extra envelope for easy mailing or gifting and a money back guarantee, “No Questions Asked.”  Rob and stand by their work product. The stories are sometimes embellished, paraphrased, or updated, but overall, they retain the theme presented at canonization or veneration.

A 3mm, 18" unisex Sterling Silver chain may be purchased for an additional cost. Each Sterling Silver chain will be 18" in length unless otherwise specified.