Josephine Bakhita, Saint Medal, Patron of Greeters and Hosts, Caretakers, Nannies, Babysitters, and the Canossian Sisters of Venice

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  Josephine’s story began in the 19th Century in the Darfar village, Olgossa, located in Sudan. A member of the Daju, she lived a privileged life in childhood, which lasted until she was kidnapped at the age of 8, by Arab slave traders. Josephine was bought and sold so many times that she forgot her name! Some of her owners treated her well, most others, not so much. Josephine’s initial abductors saw her charm and beauty and presented her with the name “Bakhita,” meaning “fortunate one.’ She was marked and tattooed at age 13, when she was cut over 100 times, with salt used to cleanse her wounds. Her final trade was in 1882, by the Italian Calixto Laganimi  who purchased her and treated her well, compared to previous owners. He ultimately gave her to his friend, Augusto Michieli, who took her to Venice, Italy. He wanted a playmate for his daughter,Mimima. They moved back to Sudan, but Bakhita and Mimmima stayed in Italy, basically loaned to the Order of the Canossa Sisters of Venice, formed by Gabriela di Canossa. The Orders’ aim was to educate poor girls and serve patients in hospitals. When the Michieli’s tried to reclaim Bakhita, she said she wanted to stay with the Order. This infuriated the family, but she got her wish. A Court determined that since slavery was illegal in Italy, Bakhita was a free woman and able to choose her way in life. She became a nun and chose the name Josephine Margarita Afortunata. She preferred a small, humble life but her life story was too noteworthy! Her life and memoir are celebrated all over Italy. When canonized, Pope John Paul declared her “Our Universal Sister.” 

    Your order includes our vibrant one-of-a-kind hand-painted saint medal, a silver necklace, keychain clasp, or Sterling Silver chain (your choice!), the story of Saint Dymphna in greeting card format, a felt pouch for safekeeping, unique prayer cards from Rome, Italy, an extra envelope for easy mailing or gifting and a money back guarantee, “No Questions Asked.”  Rob and stand by their work product. The stories are sometimes embellished, paraphrased, or updated, but overall, they retain the theme presented at canonization or veneration.

A 3mm, 18" unisex Sterling Silver chain may be purchased for an additional cost. Each Sterling Silver chain will be 18" in length unless otherwise specified.