Mere Gamelin Medal, Hand-Painted Saint Medal, Canada, Montreal, Patron of Poor

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     Blessed Emilie Gamelin, known as Mere Gamelin, was a Canadian lay woman (and, eventually, a nun) who turned her home into a “House of Providence” to shelter the poor, the sick, and those outcast from society. She helped form the Sisters of Providence in Montreal and became the order’s Mother Superior. Invoke Mere Gamelin, champion of the poor, against homelessness and illness.

     Your order includes our vibrant one-of-a-kind hand-painted saint medal, a silver necklace or clasp (your choice!), the story of Mere Gamelin in greeting card format, a felt pouch for safekeeping, unique prayer cards from Rome, Italy, an extra envelope for easy mailing or gifting and a money back guarantee, “No Questions Asked.”  Rob and stand by their work product. The stories are sometimes embellished, paraphrased, or updated, but overall, they retain the theme presented at canonization or veneration.