Custom Hand-Painted Prayer Box Update

Custom Hand-Painted Prayer Box Update

Hi everyone!

     Emily here! I wanted to hop on and give y’all an update on the behind the scenes here this week at SaintsforSinners. We had some COVID issues arrive (not Rob, he has the antibodies, and not me, I have the vaccine, yay!) but those issues steered us a little off track with orders, specifically the custom hand-painted prayer boxes, and some quizzes.

     We worked hard and are finally caught up (the boxes require a little more TLC before we’re ready to part with them). We have finally perfected painting on felt, glue, and design, meaning our one-of-a-kind hand-painted boxes are finally rolling along at a better pace. Please be aware that the boxes take much more time than the medals so expect a 10-14 day delay before we get your box into the mail. We're adding all kinds of surprises into them!

     You know how it goes with new projects, you run into obstacles with each new one, and til we make sure we’ve created a great product, turnaround time won't be as quick as usual. So please don’t hold this against us :) It’s cold here in NOLA today, we're working hard, and we’re doing our best. 

     We have 2 St. Valentine’s Day boxes completed and available. Thanks to St. Valentine of Valentine's Day and the medals ready to go, Mizpah medals from the Book of Genesis ("May the Lord Look After You and While We are Absent From One Another"), Sacred Heart and red being rob’s favorite color, these boxes practically made themselves (I told rob I need to see a video of this cause I just couldn’t believe it!). If you want to claim one, just order a custom hand-painted prayer box and put in the notes that you’d like St. Valentine. These will go out quicker since they're already done!

     Thank y'all for your patience with us! As rob would say, thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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