It’s a Whole New Mardi Gras this Year! Happy Yardi Gras!

It’s a Whole New Mardi Gras this Year! Happy Yardi Gras!

You Can’t “Cancel” Mardi Gras; You Just Cannot!


       Most of those hand-painted prayer boxes with surprises inside have left the Studio! 5 of the last ones will be going out this week. We underestimated how long it takes for paint on felt to dry so we fell a tiny bit behind.


       All of the hand-painted saint medal packages are either on their way to you, or ready to go out today, except for one order. We are working on Our Lady of Loreto for our friend Denny in New Orleans. Besides Denny’s order we are completely up-to-date.


       The Who’s Your Saint Quizzes should all be answered; however, it’s possible a few fell through the proverbial cracks. So, if you did not get a “Reply to Your Quiz” letter, we have failed. Please take the quiz again. We're sorry; our priority was to get packages out for Christmas so we dropped the ball on answering some of the quizzes.


       You just can’t make this stuff up. Seriously! There’s a whole new Mardi Gras this year. It’s called “YARDI GRAS.” Folks are decorating their homes as though they are Mardi Gras floats. The family a few blocks away have made a float about the show, “Schitt’s Creek.”

       Surely the media is going to be showing these Mardi Gras Float Houses. You just cannot keep New Orleans away from celebrating. We did it through Katrina, and won a Super Bowl to celebrate our comeback.

       Now COVID comes along and there are Mardi “cancellations” in the city of New Orleans. Cancel Mardi Gras? “You Cannot Be Serious!” Mardi Gras is well on its way. We will celebrate before and during Mardi Gras Day, also known as “Fat Tuesday.” And then we will go and get our ashes, just like Around the Horn’s Tony Reali does every year.

       Stay tuned to see what house will be the King of Mardi Gras! Visit our Facebook page, Saints for Sinners, and Instagram, @SaintsforSinners, to see the latest clever decorations that are created.


       We have a bunch tiny medals done so we will be sending one with each new order. “Lagniappe!” That’s how we roll! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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